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“A summer at RGCL with multiword expressions”

Justina picHello! I am Justina from the Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology (Lithuania). I have been here since the second half of July working on the Short Term Research Mission (STSM) with the support of COST Action PARSEME (PARSing and Multi-word Expressions). Dr. Michael P. Oakes has supervised my explorations with helpful advice and recommendations that I am grateful for.

During the visit my work included several aspects of multiword expressions (hint: in a very broad sense they can be defined as sequence composed of at least two words that are frequently used together). Continue reading

Success at RANLP 2015 for RGCL


The RGCL team has returned from the Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing Conference (RANLP 2015) feeling proud! PhD student Victoria Yaneva was awarded ‘Best Paper’ at the Student Research Workshop and in addition Victoria and fellow RGCL colleague Richard Evans had their paper on  Autistic Text Comprehension accepted. Victoria Yaneva presented the findings at the conference in Hissar, Bulgaria. The full paper can be found here.

Further to Richard Evan’s post at the end of May 2015 he provided an update on their work:

“correlations between the readability scores provided by some automatic readability metrics and the reading comprehension of participants with autism were indeed found. From a set of 33 metrics, we were able to narrow down to 7 and then to 6 that were closely correlated with the reading times and reading comprehension performance of 20 people with autistic spectrum disorder.”

Postgraduate Open Evening this week: come and chat to staff from RGCL

If you are considering applying for a Masters or PhD programme with the Research Group in Computational Linguistics, you might like to come along to the University’s next Postgraduate Open Evening on Wednesday 16th September from 5pm – 7.30pm. A member of staff will be on hand to discuss our courses, as well as the areas that the Group specialises in. You can also find out more about the different levels of postgraduate study, how your research interests might fit in with the Group’s work, as well as the potential career opportunities that a degree in this field might open up. There will also be other stands where you can enquire about the application process and how to finance your study. Continue reading