10 Reasons why you should attend the EXPERT Business Showcase…


EXPERT (EXPloiting Empirical appRoaches to Translation) is a Marie Curie funded Initial Training Network project that aims to train young researchers, namely Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and Experienced Researchers, to promote the research, development and use of hybrid language translation technologies.

On Monday 9th May 2016 the EXPERT project will hold its final event in the form of a Business Showcase, bringing together leading lights of the translation arena from both Academia and Industry.

The event will be hosted at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in Rome. If you would like to attend this free event please contact Iain Mansell via iain.mansell@wlv.ac.uk.

10 Reasons why you should attend the EXPERT Business Showcase…

1.Gain valuable insights from leading industry and academic translation specialists

Representatives from Pangeanic (Spain), Translated (Italy), Hermes Traducciones (Spain), Wordfast (France) and Etrad (Argentina) will present their work both in and out of the project. You will also hear from researchers based at University of Wolverhampton (UK), Universidad de Málaga (Spain), University of Sheffield (UK), Universitaet des Saarlandes (Germany), Dublin City University (Ireland) and Universiteit van Amsterdam (Netherlands).

2. Hear Gianluca Giulini, FAO, present on Automatic translation in CPA translation workflow

Gianluca Giulini is an electronic and software engineer and has worked at FAO since 2000.

He has over 15 years’ experience related to Information Systems management of medium to large projects, primarily in the Administrative, Operations and ECM areas of FAO’s IT Division.

His presentation aims to show the current state of the art of the usage of TAPTA within CPA, in terms of strengths and weaknesses and expectations for the future.

3. Listen to Tony O’Dowd, KantanMT, explain the story of commercialising academic research

Tony O’Dowd is a serial entrepreneur with three successful companies behind him. His latest business idea involves the development of a cloud-based statistical machine translation solution for professional translators. Tony is spear heading an exciting drive to commercialise and make MT technology available for the masses.

4. Find out how Sandra De Luca, Acclaro, uses LQA tools to generate reports and monitor and measure quality

Sandra is a Technical, Scientific, and Literary translator with over 10 years’ experience. She joined Acclaro in 2012, and in her current role as Quality Manager she is rolling out a customised Quality Programme for one of the company’s most prominent corporative accounts.

5. Learn about the innovations developed by our projects experienced researchers

  • Eduard Barbu: Web parallel data collection and data cleaning
  • Carla Parra: How productive is MT post-editing? Studying translation and MT post-editing productivity in a real industrial setting
  • Alexander Raginsky & Lianet Sepuluveda Torres: Improving Hybrid Translation Tool: Full-Text Search Engine Approach

6. Watch how our early stage researchers fare in our dragons den style event

The project has been responsible for the development of 12 ESRs over the last 4 years. See what our specialists think about their research and how they advise them to continue their journey into the translation industry. Each researcher will be given just 5 minutes to pitch their ideas:

  • Liangyou Li: Combination of TM and SMT
  • Santanu Pal: CATaLog: Innovations in the Translation Workflow
  • Liling Tan: Realistic Usage vs Scientific Pursuit: What is Ontology Really for in the Industry?
  • Carol Scarton: Machine Translation Quality Estimation with QuEst++
  • Rohit Gupta: Improving Translation Memory Matching and Retrieval using Deep Semantics
  • Anna Zaretskaya: User aspect of translation tools
  • Hernani Costa: Assessing Terminology Tools through their Features
  • Chris Hokamp: Optimizing for User Benefit — Designing User-Centric MT Systems

7. Network with experts in a friendly and welcoming environment

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have established throughout our consortium and the warm welcome every time we meet. Come and join us and meet specialists from across the globe.

8. Take the chance to see how a successful Marie Curie ITN project is run

After receiving fantastic feedback at our Mid-Term review we would love to give you the opportunity to ask for advice.

9. Bring your ideas to discuss with our team

We are always looking to investigate new opportunities and are fanatical about news ways technology can be used to improve the translation industry. If you would like the chance to discuss any ideas you have with our team please get in touch.

10. Enjoy the beautiful Italian City of Rome