Guest speaker Tony O’Dowd, KantanMT Dublin, confirmed for EXPERT Business Showcase Event…

Tony ODowd KantanMTWe are pleased to announce that guest speaker Tony O’Dowd from KantanMT will be joining us at the EXPERT Project Business Showcase event in Rome on 9th May and will be presenting “From the Class Room to the Board Room – The Story of Commercialising Academic Research”.

To find out more check out his bio and presentation abstract below.

Bio: Tony is a serial entrepreneur with three successful companies behind him. More importantly, he’s a family man, with three kids to keep him up late at night (with worry), a keen musician and mountain trekker.

Xcelerator is Tony’s latest business idea. He is developing a cloud-based statistical machine translation solution for professional translators. Leverage the Moses MT decoder and multiple streams of research from CNGL 1, Tony is spear heading an exciting drive to commercialise and make MT technology available for the masses.

Alchemy Software Development (, the creators of Alchemy CATALYST and Alchemy PUBLISHER, was formed by Tony in November 2000. This company quickly established itself as one of the leading innovators in the localization industry and became a premium supplier of technology to some of the largest software companies in the world. With over 27,000 licenses in used worldwide, it was the most popular translation memory technology used in the localisation industry. Tony sold this business to in March 2007.

Prior to this, Tony was Executive Vice President and General Manager of Corel Corporation Limited from October 1995 to November 2000. This organization was responsible for localizing, supporting and manufacturing all international products for Corel. It was during this period that Corel adopted a release strategy that required all products be released simultaneously.

Tony’s team successfully met this challenge and simultaneous release of products became the norm rather than the exception. In 1995 Tony established a development team that developed the Trinity technology, that eventually became the Corel CATALYST product. This revolutionized the localization process for Corel, reducing cost and release lead-times while improving product quality and reliability.

Previously, from 1991 to 1995, Tony worked for Symantec Corporation Ireland as its Technology Manager. In this role he was responsible for developing the technology and structures behind Symantec’s localization process. Today Symantec release all language versions of their products simultaneously. Tony also spent 3 years as Development Manager for Norton Commander, the market leader in File Management utilities during the early nineties. He also established Symantec’s Asian localization hub in Japan.

From 1987 to 1991, Tony was employed by Lotus Development Corporation as a Principal Software Development Engineer where he established the development team that created products such as RED, Gentry and Phoenix. These products were the first of their kind in the industry and changed the localization process at Lotus from source file translation to binary file translation.

Tony spent three years as a lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, teaching Microprocessor Design and Assembly Language Programming.

Aged 44, Tony has a BSC Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and is a founder of FIT Ltd., a $20 million government training organization for the long term unemployed.

Presentation Extract: is the world’s leading platform for the customisation, improvement and deployment of Statistical Machine Translation solutions.  The company has experienced incredible growth over the past 24 months, with over 300 billion words of training data uploaded to its servers, 6 billion words translated and approximately 7,000 SMT engines hosted on the KantanMT platform. Developed as part of his Phd preparations, Tony O’Dowd launched the company in October 2014, licensing software from DCU’s CNGL (Centre of Next Generation Localisation (now called ADAPT)) and securing VC funding of $1.5 million from Government and institutional investors. Today KantanMT is used by the industrys’ biggest eCommerce, automotive and translations providers. Tony will recount the story of KantanMT, outlining the initial idea that crystallized into the KantanMT platform, leveraging academic outputs and VC funding and how he was able to position KantanMT as the industry leader.

EXPERT (EXPloiting Empirical appRoaches to Translation) is a Marie Curie funded Initial Training Network project that aims to train young researchers, namely Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and Experienced Researchers, to promote the research, development and use of hybrid language translation technologies.

On Monday 9th May 2016 the EXPERT project will hold its final event in the form of a Business Showcase, bringing together leading lights of the translation arena from both Academia and Industry.

The event will be hosted at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in Rome. If you would like to attend this free event please contact Iain Mansell via

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