Seminar: A Comparative Model for Wordplay Analysis and Translation

Ralitsa DemirkovaRalitsa Demirkova, St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo
A Comparative Model for Wordplay Analysis and Translation
Date and time: Wednesday 78h June, 2pm
Room: MC232, City Campus


The presentation focuses on wordplay as a stylistic device in British children’s literature. A comparative analysis model for wordplays and their respective translations is proposed. It is based on Attardo’s General Theory of Verbal Humour (GTVH)[i] and Zhuravlyova[ii]’s cognitive mechanisms of wordplays. It uses six parameters on both micro-structural (linguistic) and macro-structural (cognitive) levels which serve as a basis for comparison. These parameters are examined in detail and some illustrative examples are provided. The presentation concludes that the comparative analysis model can help determine the translation strategy employed and the type of equivalence between the source text wordplay and its translation.

[i] Attardo, Salvatore, 1994. Linguistic Theories of Humour. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

[ii] Zhuravloyova 2002: Журавльова, Олеся, 2002. Когнитивные модели языковой игры. Барнаул,