Joint Research Seminar by Reshmi Gopalkrishna Pillai

On Monday we welcomed Reshmi Gopalakrishna Pillai who gave a joint talk to RGCL and SCRG on her PhD. This was a jam packed seminar with standing room only available!

Detection of strength  and causal agents of stress and relaxation in social media content


The accuracy of a person’s psychological stress and relaxation magnitude measurement from his social media content can be improved by incorporating word sense disambiguation. The causal agents of stress and relaxation can be inferred from the social media output.

Research Questions:

  1. Can the accuracy of psychological stress or relaxation strength detection from social media content be improved using word sense disambiguation?
  2. Can the Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis methods to detect keywords in tweets be used for identifying causal agents of stress and relaxation from social media content?

Our next seminar is this Friday, 23rd March, and will be given by Dr. Shiyan Ou visiting from Nanjing Univeristy, China. For more details please contact