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Teaching and Learning in a Pandemic

First face to face interaction for a very long time.

Last Thursday, as the country went into the second lockdown, we conducted our first face to face practical session. It was very emotional (at least for me). I could not only feel, but also see the massive amount of efforts that has been spent, so that such a simple thing can happen. Students had to travel from their home countries, facing risks and quarantines. Facilities have to make the classroom covid secured, with individual tables rightly spaced. The university is doing their best to keep itself open. All that efforts, so that us (lecturers and students) can have those two hours of valuable face to face teaching and learning. The session was very productive. We will do it again this week, but will improve it further by inviting students who cannot present physically to join in virtually. Let see how it goes. I bet that there will be problems, but none would prove too big to overcome.

Dr Le An Ha

“When the lockdown was announced, many of us thought that face to face teaching will be postponed for some additional time. Luckily, the UoW is doing their best, following a lot of covid protocols, to keep the facilities a safe place and last Thursday we had our first practical session on campus. The session was very productive, we went through the material we studied in class but also learnt some (very handy) bonus lines of codes! Also, it was nice to meet in person everyone who made it to the UK.”

Nikola Spasovski

“It was a lovely practical session! I was happy to meet Dr. Ha and the fellow students. During the class Dr. Ha shared his experience in programming and was trying to get us think a programming language. I appreciate the effort of the EMTTI Team and the University of Wolverhampton to provide this opportunity of offline classes for us given the current state of affairs! Many thanks.”

 Katerina Poltorak