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Technologies for Translation and Interpreting: Challenges and Latest Developments

Jochen Hummel

Sunsetting CAT – Thread and Opportunity

13 January 2021


For decades the basic architecture of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) has been left unchanged; and with it the industry’s business model. The advances in Neural Machine Translation (NMT) have now made CAT tools as we know them obsolete. For more and more projects NMT is achieving “human parity”. That changes everything. Different actors using innovative tools in re-engineered workflows demand new business models, but also offer opportunities for innovative service providers.


Jochen Hummel is co-founder and CEO of Coreon, the leading SaaS solution for multilingual knowledge systems. He is CEO of ESTeam AB, a provider of language technology and semantic solutions to EU organisations and corporations. He serves as vice-chairman of LT-Innovate, the Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry. He has a software development background and had grown his first company, TRADOS, to the world leader in translation memory and terminology software. In 2006 he founded Metaversum, the inventor of the virtual online world Twinity and was its CEO until 2010. He is a well-known, internationally respected software executive and serial entrepreneur. He serves on boards and is mentor/angel for several start-ups in Berlin.