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Technologies for Translation and Interpreting: Challenges and Latest Developments

Dr Juan José Arevalillo Doval, CEO/Managing director of Hermes

Quality standardisation in language industry

27 November 2020

Abstract: Quality in the language services industry is a very blurred term, but omnipresent in all activities from the moment a customer requests a translation service to the delivery and final closing of the project. In this process everything is measured and compliance with all requirements is usually a guarantee of success with the customer. In addition, there are numerous quality standards under ISO’s umbrella covering different services and aspects in this industry, which are applied on a daily basis and also form the basis of numerous academic programmes. Knowing this environment is essential for the future professionals so that they can know where they fit into the process and how to behave and act in that process.

Bio: PhD in Translation by University of Malaga, MA in Specialised Translation by the Institute of Modern Languages and Translators by Madrid Complutense University and BA in English Language and Literature by Madrid Complutense University.

In translation industry since 1980, he is the Managing Director at Hermes Traducciones y Servicios Lingüísticos. Previously worked as a freelance translator and as a language specialist and localiser in Digital Equipment Corporation.

A lecturer on Translation at Alfonso X University (Madrid) and International University of Valence (Spain), he is also the professional advisor for future graduates in the former university. He works with other Spanish high-education centres such as Autonomous University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona and ISTRAD of Seville.

Formerly Vice-president and Treasurer of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC), now he is the EUATC Youth Ambassador to try to cover the gap between university and industry and help new graduates join professional world. He is also the Chairman of the Spanish Association of LSPs (ASPROSET).

Chairman of Spanish Committee for Translation Services at UNE (Spanish Standardisation Association), and one of the creators of EN-15038 and ISO-17100 standards. He is also a member of ISO TC37 Committee for Translation Services.