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Technologies for Translation and Interpreting: Challenges and Latest Developments

Diana Ballard, STAR Group

Scaling language technologies to overcome growing challenges and deliver new value

11 December 2020

To tackle growing complexity, volumes, languages, channels, media how are language technologies shaping up to meet today’s challenges and what developments are on the horizon? In this session, we will explore the importance of workflow automation to blend the language technology ecosystem to tackle growing complexity, showcasing STAR challenges. Our example will focus on unlocking the value of Big Data to deliver reliable Translation Memory through a process of alignment and Machine Translation.

 CLM (Corporate Language Management). Secondly, we will discuss a real-world case where blending language technologies can answer new 


Over 20 years, Diana has worked in international business development and global account management at Language Service Companies. Prior to this, she was technical communications manager at a Japanese Manufacturing company migrating its technical information operations from Japan to the UK where she supervised the end-to-end information process from authoring, translation, approval, printing and delivery to the assembly line. Previously, Diana gained early experience at a business development consultancy having graduated from the University of Liverpool, where she read English Literature and French.