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Digital Humanities

Prof. Alois Pichler, Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen, Norway.

17 June 2021

Title: Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen.


In the presentation part, I will give a short demo of the online resources and tools offered by the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (WAB) for Wittgenstein research and digital humanists, including 

•             http://www.wittgensteinsource.org/ , BNE (static scholarly text- and facsimile edition of Wittgenstein’s Nachlass, incl. text search)

•             http://wittgensteinonline.no/ (dynamic and interactive scholarly text edition of Wittgenstein’s Nachlass)

•             http://wab.uib.no/cost-a32_xml/ (samples of WAB’s XML TEI transcriptions of Wittgenstein’s Nachlass)

•             http://wab.uib.no/sfb (semantic faceted search and browsing of Wittgenstein domain metadata)

•             http://wab.uib.no/cost-a32_philospace/wittgenstein.owl (part of WAB’s ontology for the Wittgenstein’s Nachlass)

•             http://wittfind.cis.lmu.de/ (tool for lemmatized and other advanced text search in Wittgenstein’s Nachlass, in cooperation with CIS from LMU Munich)


Alois Pichler is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bergen and Director of its Wittgenstein Archives. He is the author of several publications in the fields of Wittgenstein research and digital humanities. He is the current editor of the Wittgenstein Archives’ editions of Wittgenstein’s Nachlass and has initiated and curates open access Wittgenstein research platforms such as http://wittgensteinsource.org/ and http://wittgensteinonline.no/. Google scholar profile.