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Digital Humanities

Prof. Dr. Frederik Truyen, KU Leuven, Belgium.

28 June 2021

Title: Digitization of Heritage Collections: from inside-out to outside-in: the many facets of digital transitions.


In this talk we will address the challenges of digital transformation in the Cultural Heritage sector, starting from the example of digitizing photographic collections for Europeana. We will discuss how, starting from the actual digitization process of selected collections, a series of workflow transitions is inevitably set in motion that has a transformational impact, not only  on the way GLAM institutions operate, but how they rethink their core mission and their fundamental relationship with their audiences. We will highlight both technical as well as organizational and management challenges, and how this reveals the place and contribution of digital humanities research. 


Fred Truyen is professor at the Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven. He publishes on Digitization of Heritage, Photography and E-Learning in the Humanities. He is in charge of the mediaLab CS Digital. He was involved in many projects on digitization of Cultural Heritage, such as EuropeanaPhotography (coordinator), Europeana Space (pilot leader) the Europeana DSI (aggregator for photography). Currently he is involved in the KU Leuven/FWO funded project Cornelia – a database for 17th century Art industries – and in the CEF Generic call for Europeana with the projects on Migration in the Arts and Sciences, Kaleidoscope: the 1950s in Europe, Europeana Common Culture and currently Europeana: Century of Change. He also participates in the H2020 projects Detect: Detecting Transcultural Identity in European Popular Crime Narratives and Indices. Moreover, he has a large experience in data modelling and metadata development for Image databases in the cultural-historical field. His main research focus is the digital transformation roadmap for Cultural Heritage Institutions. Prof. Truyen teaches the courses Online Publishing and Digital Cultural heritage in the MA Cultural Studies and the MA Digital Humanities at KU Leuven. He co-teaches in Cultural Economics and Cultural Policy. Prof. Truyen is board member of the Europeana Network Association and is active in the field of European policies on Digitization of Cultural Heritage. He is also a member of CLARIAH Flanders. He is the president of Photoconsortium, an association for the safeguard and promotion of photographic heritage.