Who will teach you on this course?

The researchers leading the course are international experts in their fields.

Dr. Michael Oakes
Course Leader and Reader in Computational Linguistics
Research Group in Computational Linguistics
Dr. Oakes is the author of the books “Statistics for Corpus Linguistics” and “Literary Detective Work on the Computer”.
Modules: Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics with R.

Dr. Constantin Orasan
Reader in Computational Linguistics, Deputy Head of the Research Group
Research Group in Computational Linguistics
Dr. Orasan is the coordinator of the EU-funded EXPERT programme on Machine Translation which comprised of a consortium of 6 academic partners, 3 commercial partners and 2 associated partners.
Modules: Python Programming, Machine Learning.

Dr. Victoria Yaneva
Research Associate
Research Group in Computational Linguistics
Dr. Yaneva was recently featured on ITV news for her work on simplifying text for people with autism.
Modules: Research Methods and Professional Skills.

Guest lectures will be given by Prof. Patrick Hanks, a world authority in Lexicography, and Prof. Ruslan Mitkov, Director of the Research Institute of Information and Language Processing, Editor of the “Oxford Handbook of Natural Language Processing” and Executive Editor of the Cambridge Journal “Natural Language Engineering”.