Programs used to evaluate the tasks in ARE

This page contains the programs used to evaluate the tasks in ARE. The measures used in the evaluation are explained on the evaluation webpage. All the programs are implemented using .NET 1.1 and were tested on both Windows and Linux (using mono an implementation of .NET for linux).

For each task there is an archive which contains the executable, which implements the evaluation measures, 3 files which can be used to test the program and a readme file. All the programs take the -debug parameter which makes the program to print extra debugging information. The programs are distributed as they are. We cannot be made resondable for any damage, data loss or any other problem which could occur as a result of running the programs. By downloading the programs you agree with these conditions.


Task 1

Evaluation Task 1

Task 2

Evaluation Task 2

Task 3

Evaluation Task 3

Task 4

Evaluation Task 4