HiT-IT 2019: Submission information

This year, in addition to the academic papers, we welcome submissions also from industry (translation agencies or companies developing translation and interpreting technologies) and practitioners (translators and interpreters). We welcome two main types of submissions:

1. User papers – for industry and practitioners. They should not follow any formatting requirements except for having a title, authors’ names, and authors’ affiliations. References to related work are optional. Allowed paper length: between 1 and 4 pages. The following optional Microsoft Word template can be used.

2. Academic submissions, in three different categories (have to follow formatting requirements, references to related work are required):

  • (academic) full papers – describing original completed research. Allowed paper length: maximum 8 pages + 2 for references.
  • (academic) work-in-progress papers – describing work in progress, late breaking research, papers at a more conceptual stage, and other types of papers that do not fit in the ‘full’ papers category. Allowed paper length: maximum 6 pages + 2 for references.
  • (academic) demo papers – describing working systems. Allowed paper length: maximum 4 pages + 2 for references. In addition to the papers, the authors will be expected to demonstrate the systems at the workshop.

The academic submissions are not anonymous either. The authors should ensure they enter their names and affiliations.

The guidelines for academic submissions are available as a PDF file, a zip file which contains the necessary Latex files, Overleaf project that can be copied, and a Microsoft Word template.

The HiT-IT 2019 submissions will be maintained by the conference management system START (https://www.softconf.com/ranlp2019/HiT-IT2019/).

All submissions will be reviewed by experts in the field and the best ones will be accepted for presentation at the workshop.

It is advisable that authors who may need a visa to enter Bulgaria contact the organisers when they submit their paper. This information will not be used in any way during the reviewing process, but it will help the organisers ensure that all the authors of accepted papers receive their invitation letters without delays. More information about visa can be found at http://lml.bas.bg/ranlp2019/visas.php

If you have any queries, please contact us at hititworkshop@gmail.com or at irina.temnikova@gmail.com.