Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Seminar Lead: Dr Burcu Can

If you would like to be sent the meeting link, please contact April Harper, who will be able to provide you with log on details.  They provisionally take place on Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you would like to read about past Research Seminars, they are detailed on our RGCL Blog Archive.

Machine Learning/Deep Learning seminar series aims to discuss current trends and challenges in machine learning and deep learning. The seminar series welcomes talks on machine learning models and algorithms, neural network architectures, representation learning techniques with an application to text, image, and speech. The seminar series also welcomes talks on the analysis and interpretation of neural networks.

Upcoming Seminars in this Series:

MarchDaichi MochihashiThe Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo-Japantbc
Dr Siva ReddyMcGill UniversityPathological Behaviours of Large Neural Models of Language