Natural Language Processing

Seminar Leads: Dr Frederic Blain & Dr Sara Moze

Here you will find details of our Research Seminars.  If you would like to be sent the meeting link, please contact April Harper, who will be able to provide you with log on details.  They provisionally take place on Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you would like to read about past Research Seminars, they are detailed on ourRGCL Blog Archive.

The seminar series on Natural Language Processing will offer the opportunity to our students to hear from researchers and industry practitioners about the most recent developments in the field.  Among the research areas relevant to NLP, the seminar series shall cover work on machine translation, text categorisation and summarization, sentiment analysis, as well as some of its application, such as in fake news detection, healthcare, etc. 

Upcoming Seminars in this series:

MarchDr Sheila CastilhoDublin City University/ ADAPT Centretbc
Dr Sanja StajnerReadableAItbc