Selected papers by Patrick Hanks (published before 2015)


  • El Maarouf, I., and Bradbury, J. and Hanks, P.. 2014. “PDEV-lemon: a Linked Data implementation of the Pattern Dictionary of English Verbs based on the Lemon model” in Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics, Proceedings of LREC, Reykjavik (abs bib pdf)

  • El Maarouf, Ismaďl and Bradbury, Jane and Baisa, Vít and Hanks, Patrick. 2014. "Disambiguating Verbs by Collocation: Corpus Lexicography meets Natural Language Processing", in Proceedings of LREC, Reykjavik (abs bib pdf)

  • 2013

  • Patrick Hanks (2013) Lexical Analysis: Norms and Exploitations. MIT Press (excerpts)

  • 2012

  • Hanks, Patrick (2012). How People Use Words to Make Meanings: Semantic types meet Valencies'. In Alex Boulton & James Thomas (eds). Input, Process and Product: Developments in Teaching and Language Corpora. Brno: Masaryk University Press (abs pdf)