Word Sense Disambiguation using ILP

Specia, L.; Nunes, M.G.V.; Srinivasan, A.; Ramakrishnan , G. (2006). Word Sense Disambiguation using ILP. 16th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP-2006), pp. 191-193. August 24-27, Santiago.


We investigate the use of ILP for the task of Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) in two different ways: (a) as a stand-alone constructor of models for WSD; and (b) to build interesting features, which can then used by standard model-builder such as SVM. Experiments examining a multilingual WSD task in the context of English- Portuguese machine translation of 7 highly ambiguous verbs showed promising results: our ILP-based standalone approach outperformed the results of propositional algorithms and the ILP-generated features yielded improvements on the accuracy of standard propositional algorithms when compared to their use with low level features only.

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