Guests of the research group

  • Dr. Amparo Alcina Caudet – TecnoLeTTra, Universitat Jaume I, Valencia, Spain
    Collaboration on: translation technologies
  • Itziar Aldabe – University of Basque Country, Spain
    Collaboration on: generation of tests
  • Dr. Amit Bagga – Avaya Labs Research, US
    Collaboration on: coreference resolution, automatic summarisation
  • Prof. Dan Cristea – “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania
    Collaboration on: anaphora resolution, discourse processing
  • Isabel Duran-Munoz – University of Malaga, Spain
    Collaboration on: translation technologies, terminology
  • Lisette Garcia Moya – Universidad de Oriente, Cuba
    Collaboration on: generation of multiple choice tests
  • Gabriela Gonzalez – Member of Colegio de Traductores Publicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Collaboration on: translation technologies, translation memories
  • Dr. Gabriela Fernandez – University of Sevilla, Spain
    Collaboration on: terminology
  • Dr. Fumiyo Fukumoto – Yamanashi University
    Collaboration on: anaphora resolution, automatic summarisation
  • Dr. Hristo Tanev – ITC-irst, Italy
    Collaboration on: anaphora resolution
  • Dr. Agnes Tutin – Universite de Grenoble III, France
    Collaboration on: bilingual anaphora resolution

Note: the affiliations listed for each person represent their affiliation when they visited the group and does not necessarily correspond to their current affiliation.