Past members of the group

Previous members of the research group
  • Naveed Afzal – PhD Student
    Interests: information extraction, information retrieval
  • Wilker Aziz – PhD Student
    Interest: machine translation, machine learning, information retrieval
  • Catalina Barbu – PhD Student
    Interests: anaphora resolution, machine learning
  • Verginica Barbu Mititelu – Research Assistant
    Interests: lexical semantics, corpus linguistics, anaphora resolution, machine translation
  • Dr. Miranda Chong – Research Associate
    Interests: Plagiarism detection, plagiarism direction detection, text classification, semantic similarity detection
  • Dr. Iustin Dornescu – Research Associate
    Interests: question answering, information retrieval, machine learning
  • Orie Fukutomi – MPhil student
    Interests: machine translation
  • Dr. Najeh Hajlaoui – Research Fellow
    Interests: Machine translation, Arabic NLP
  • Dr. Laura Hasler – Research Fellow
    Interests: automatic summarisation, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics
  • Iustina Ilisei – PhD student
    Interests: corpus linguistics, translation
  • Dr. Mijail Kabadjov – Research Fellow
    Interests: Multilingual text mining, summarisation and anaphora resolution
  • Dr. Nikiforos Karamanis – Research Fellow
    Interests: generation, coherence
  • Natalia Konstantinova – PhD student/EXPERT Network Training Coordinator
    Interests: question answering, information extraction, machine translation, ontologies,
  • Ramesh Krishnamurthy – Research Fellow
    Interests: corpus linguistics, lexicography, dictionary building
  • Stephanie Kyle – PA/Research Administrator
    Responsible for: PhD studentships, Masters programme, Journal of Natural Language Engineering
  • Dr. Dalila Mekhaldi – Research Fellow
    Interests: multimedia/multimodal information retrieval, document image analysis, text mining, natural language processing
  • Andrea Mulloni – PhD student (part-time)
    Interests: language acquisition, machine learning, corpus linguistics
  • Dr Constantin Orasan – Reader in Computational Linguistics
    Interests: Natural language processing; Translation technology; Sentiment analysis and opinion mining; Question answering; Text summarisation and text simplification; Anaphora and coreference resolution; Building, annotation and exploitation of corpora; Machine learning and deep learning for natural language processing; Artificial intelligence
  • Dr. Shiyan Ou – Research fellow
    Interests: automatic summarisation, sentiment classification, information extraction, machine learning
  • Dr. Viktor Pekar – Research fellow
    Interests: Lexical semantics, acquisition of lexical meaning, information extraction
  • Natalia Ponomareva – Research fellow (now a PhD student in the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group)
    Interests: subjectivity analysis, opinion mining, information extraction and machine learning
  • Miguel Angel Rios Gaona – PhD student
    Interests: recognizing textual entailment, word sense disambiguation
  • Yvonne Skalban – PhD student
    Interests: automatic generation of multiple choice tests, term extraction, machine learning
  • Dr. Lucia Specia – Senior Lecturer
    Interests: machine translation, nlp evaluation, word sense disambiguation and machine learning applied to NLP
  • Sanja Štajner – PhD student
    Interests: text simplification, machine learning, corpus linguistics
  • Erin Stokes – PA/Research Administrator
    Responsible for: PhD studentships, Masters programme, Journal of Natural Language Engineering
  • Irina Temnikova – PhD Student
    Interests: controlled language simplification, text complexity, text simplification evaluation, emergency domain
  • Andrea Varga – Research Assistant
    Interests: word sense disambiguation, computational linguistics, term extraction
  • Dr Marcos Zampieri – Researcher

Note: interests listed for each person represent their research interests when they were members of the research group and they could have changed since their departure.