During the project several papers have been published. This page contains a selected list of publications:

  • Hasler, L. (2004). "Why do you ignore me?" - Proof that not all direct speech is bad. Proceedings of Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-04), Lisboa, Portugal, 26-28 May 2004, pp. 1041-1044. (abs pdf )
  • Orasan, C., Pekar, V. and Hasler, L. (2004) A comparison of summarisation methods based on term specificity estimation. In Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-04). May, Lisbon, Portugal pp.1037-1041. (abs bib pdf )
  • Hasler, L. (2004). An investigation into the use of Centering transitions for summarisation. Proceedings of CLUK '04, University of Birmingham, UK, 6-7 January 2004, pp. 100-107. (abs pdf )
  • Orasan, C. (2003) Human centered evaluation of coherence and cohesion in automatic extracts. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing. Borovets, Bulgaria. 10 12 September, pp. 352 356
  • Orasan, C. (2003) An evolutionary approach for Improving the Quality of Automatic Summaries. In Proceedings of the Multilingual Summarisation and Question Answering Machine Learning and Beyond Workshop. Sapporo, Japan, 11th July, pp. 37 45
  • Orasan, C., Mitkov, R., Hasler, L. (2003): CAST: a Computer-Aided Summarisation Tool. In Proceedings of Research Notes Sessions of the 10th Conference of The European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL2003), Budapest, Hungary (abs bib pdf demo)
  • Hasler, L., Orasan, C. and Mitkov, R. (2003): Building better corpora for summarisation. In Proceedings of Corpus Linguistics 2003, Lancaster, UK, March, pp. 309 -- 319 (bib pdf corpus)
  • Hasler, L. (2003). Annotation for Summarisation: marking important information in similar texts. In Proceedings of the 1st Cambridge Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics (CamLing2003). Cambridge, UK, 26 April. (abs bib pdf )
  • Orasan, C. (2002): Building annotated resources for automatic text summarisation. In Proceedings of LREC-2002, Las Palmas, Spain (abs bib pdf )
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