EU funded project which will deliver controlled languages standards for messages, alerts and protocols arising from terrorism and other security related risks in order to ensure correct transmission of understanding and reliable translation where necessary.

Project details:

In many situations, the weakest link is human communication because a protocol or an alert which is badly formulated can provoke a serious accident due to misunderstanding, in particular during a crisis or under stress. Natural languages abound in subtleties and ambiguities which are often a source of confusion. The project aims to overcome these issues by the use of Controlled languages which impose standards of writing, lexics and syntax. This project is intended to aid the production of a standardized form and content of messages, alerts and protocols, which need to be controlled in order to ensure their correct translation where necessary, their transmission between authorities and the general public, their correct understanding and, in case of protocols, their correct execution.

The project is concerned with the development and transfer of a methodology created by the Coordinator in collaboration with the aircraft industry, the health profession, and with the emergency services. It aims to establish standards concerning the writing of messages, alerts and protocols arising from terrorism and other security-related risks as well as their localization and application to four Member States' languages (ES, GB, FR, PL). The standards are aimed to be easily extendable to other Member States' languages.


This project's specific objective is "promoting and supporting the development of security standards, and an exchange of know-how and experience of protecting people". In light of this, the project has the following deliverables:

Wolverhampton team
Other people involved at different stages of the project: Richard Evans, Iustina Ilisei and Dr. Laura Hasler.
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Resources developed by the Wolverhampton team
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