Current PhD research

Ha Bui – Anaphoric resolutions in the probabilistics type theory
Supervisory team: Dr Le An Ha, and Prof Ruslan Mitkov

Rocio Caro – Integration of Translation Memory and Machine Translation
Supervisory team: Prof Ruslan Mitkov, Dr Seila Castilho, Dr Vilelmini Sosoni

Sandra Elfiky – Use of learner corpora to select distractors in automatic generation of multiple-choice tests
Supervisory team: Prof Ruslan Mitkov, and Dr Le An Ha

Anne Eschenbruecher – Estimating conceptual complexity of texts
Supervisory team: Prof Ruslan Mitkov,  Dr Le An Ha, Dr Richard Evans

Dean Hunter – Behaviour based API comment generation for C
Supervisory team:  Dr Le An Ha, Prof Ruslan Mitkov, Dr Burcu Can

Sonia Kropiowska – Towards Semantic Resonance: Analyzing Metaphor as an Instance of Non-Literal Meaning in the Light of the Theory of Norms and Exploitations
Supervisory team: Dr Sara Moze, Prof. Patrick Hanks, Dr Michael Evans

Maria Kunilovskaya – Linguistic features of translations as a quality metric for human and automatic translation
Supervisory team: Prof Ruslan Mitkov, Prof. Gloria Corpas,  Dr Le An Ha

Alistair Plum – Wikipedia-based Approaches to Multi-Lingual Information Extraction
Supervisory team: Dr Constantin Orasan, and Prof Ruslan Mitkov

Tharindu Ranasinghe – A semantic textual similarity metric based on deep learning for effective translation memories
Supervisory team: Prof Ruslan Mitkov, and  Dr Constantin Orasan

Hadeel Saadany – Learning Abstract Pragmatic Functions of meaning representations on the clause-level: A Functional Semantic Parsing Model
Supervisory team: Dr Emad Mohamed,  Dr Le An Ha


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