PET is a stand-alone, open-source (under LGPL) tool written in Java that should help you post-edit and assess machine or human translations while gathering detailed statistics about post-editing time amongst other effort indicators
An online demo of our knowledge poor anaphora resolution system.
A multipurpose annotation tool which can be used for a variety of annotation tasks.
For an input noun, the program retrieves the 30 most similar ones based on distributional data extracted from BNC (predicate-object co-occurrence pairs). At present 10 different distributional similarity measures are implemented.
A corpus of newswire texts extracted from Reuters corpus annotated with NP coreference and event coreference.
Corpus annotated with information about the important sentences
Corpus of junk emails
Other resources
Two sets of annotation guidelines developed in our British Academy funded project on coreference annotation.
A set of annotation guidelines developed in the CAST project in order to annotate the CAST corpus.