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RGCL logo The Research Group in Computational Linguistics (RGCL) is an internationally recognised and leading centre in Natural Language Processing. It was founded by Prof. Ruslan Mitkov in 1998 and is one of the leading research institutes in the UK. The group is well known for its high-level research with strong international and inter-sector collaboration, and is renowned for its innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) research and development of various NLP tools and resources.

Our mission
The mission of the Research Group is to produce world-leading research, to offer first-class research supervision and postgraduate teaching in the interdisciplinary areas of information and language processing, and to deliver cutting-edge practical (including commercial) applications with far-reaching societal impact based on its research output.

Join our journey
RGCL is pursuing active research in many areas including anaphora resolution, automatic summarization, terminology extraction, corpus development and exploitation, information extraction, named entity recognition, question answering, multiple choice questions, machine translation and multilingual applications.

In addition to these topics, the members of the team have their own particular research interests. Please visit the People page to find out more about these interests. In order to pursue successful research in these areas the members of the Research Group have a very strong background in Computer Science being able to program in a wide range of programming languages such as Python, C, C#, Java, Perl, PHP and in areas such as database and XML technologies, and web applications.

Most of the research is carried out as part of externally funded projects. If you are interested you can find out more about our current and past projects. Many of the research topics are pursued in collaboration with our PhD students.

Get in touch
If you are interested in working with us, please contact us using the information below.

What others say about us

Prof Eduard Hovy, Carnegie Mellon University:

“Prof Mitkov has a very strong record of turning out people as well as ideas”

Prof Ricardo Mairal, Rector of the Spanish University for e-Education:

The department has unquestionable international recognition thanks to the excellent leadership Prof Mitkov has always brought. Moreover, the research carried out at the institute, which has always been led by admirable accuracy and the utmost scientific coherence, has served as a source of inspiration for many researchers that had the chance of learning and participating on the many international projects that were conducted.

Ted Marshall, Translution CEO:

“This is the most competent and most successful research group I have ever worked with… and the only one which has never missed a deadline…”

Robert Galbraith, then Director of Innovation at National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), USA:

“Wolverhampton is well-known for 2 things: the industrial revolution and … the Research Group in Computational Linguistics… They simply do magical things…”

Stoyan Kenderov, then Director of Business Development and Next-Generation Services of Amdocs, USA:

“Prof. Mitkov has created one of the strongest research centers for Computational Linguistics in the world.”

Prof Will Lewis, University of Washington, former Principal Technical Program Manager at Microsoft:

“The Research Group in Computational Linguistics at the university of Wolverhampton is one of the premier CompLing programs in the world and literally put Wolverhampton on the map.”

Prof Alfonso Ureña López, President of the Spanish Association for Natural Language Processing:

“It is difficult to find many names in the field Natural Language Processing better known in the world than Prof Ruslan Mitkov and it is equally difficult to find many research groups in the field more successful than his research group.”

Prof María Teresa Martín Valdivia, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Vicerrectora) at the University of Jaen:

“Prof Mitkov leads a research institute which is a trademark for internationally leading research.”

Prof Rafael Muñoz Guillena, ex Deputy Vice Chancellor (Vicerrector) at the University of Alicante:

“Prof Mitkov has grown a world-leading group delivering cutting-edge research. It is one of the best in the world.”

Prof Tony McEnery, Distinguished Professor of University of Lancaster, Ex Interim Chief Executive ESRC, Ex Director or Research ESRC, Ex-Director of Research AHRC:

“Prof Mitkov is leading a fantastic team that is doing fantastic work.”

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