RGCL Anniversary Highlights, Day 10

Published on Aug, 19 2022 by RGCL.

The Journal of Natural Language Engineering

RGCL is known for its track record in projects, industry collaborations and successful turnout of researchers and students, but it is also the home of the Cambridge University Press Journal of Natural Language Engineering (JNLE). It publishes papers in the categories of Language and Linguistics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, and the journal implements an Open Access publication policy.


The journal was founded in 1995 and the Head of RGCL, Prof Ruslan Mitkov, has been Editor-in-Chief for more than 10 years. Now on its 28th volume, JNLE produces 6 bimonthly issues per year and annually receives more than 200 original submissions. Just five per cent of these submissions are accepted after the first review; most submissions (65%) go through two rounds of reviews.

All papers are assessed by three reviewers from our very diverse and highly qualified reviewer community. Since 2011, almost 3,500 experts in various Natural Language Processing fields have been involved in the JNLE reviewing process. We also have more than 20 Editorial Board Members and three Associate Editors.

In addition to high-quality papers, the journal also has two on-the-pulse editorial columns: Emerging Trends by Ken Church and Industry Watch by Robert Dale.

Emerging Trends
Last year, JNLE was ranked Q1 in Elsevier’s Linguistic and Language subject area. And, in 2021:

  • Submissions to JNLE increased by 63% (vs 2020).
  • The page extent and number of articles published in JNLE increased, respectively, by 17% and 60%.
  • Almost 65,000 articles were downloaded from JNLE received.

As described on the Cambridge University Press webpage:

“Natural Language Engineering meets the needs of professionals and researchers working in all areas of computerised language processing, whether from the perspective of theoretical or descriptive linguistics, lexicology, computer science or engineering. Its aim is to bridge the gap between traditional computational linguistics research and the implementation of practical applications with potential real-world use. As well as publishing research articles on a broad range of topics - from text analysis, machine translation, information retrieval and speech analysis and generation to integrated systems and multi modal interfaces - it also publishes special issues on specific areas and technologies within these topics, an industry watch column and book reviews.”

We are grateful to RGCL’s dedicated and hardworking JNLE editorial team, including Rocío Caro Quintana, Maria Kunilovskaya, Marie Escribe, Isuri Anuradha, Kanishka Silva, Maria Carmela Cariello, Sandra Elfiky and Branislava Šandrih. We have recently welcome the following new editorial assistants: Dayana Abuin Rios, Khadija Ait ElFqih, Anastasia Bezobrazova, Amal El Fahmat, Amal Haddad Haddad, Lilit Kharatyan, Gabriela Llull and Daria Sokova.

We are also grateful to Dr Sara Moze and April Harper for their editorial assistance on JNLE for many years.


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