Digital Humanities, aka Cultural Analytics, is the computational study of the Humanities in a way that advanced Humanities research in such disciplines as history, literature, film, and geography. Commonly used methods are Natural Language Processing, Network Analysis, and Visualisation. Computational methods for the Humanities promise a revolution in Humanities research as they work hand in hand with domain experts who carry out the close readings. The Digital Humanities seminar series will give the students and staff the opportunity to listen to talks by, and engage with, leading figures in humanities computing from across the spectrum.

Upcoming Talks

There are currently no future talks scheduled.

Past Talks

☑ ❝Content Analysis of Digital Text with Special Focus on Named Entity Recognition and Linking

by Dr Ahmed Hamdi, L3i laboratory, La Rochelle University | May 19th 2022

☑ ❝The Use of NLP for Data Creation and Analysis in Political Science: Computational Text Analysis using Newspapers and Legislation Documents

by Ashrakat Elshehawy, University of Oxford | Apr 27th 2022

☑ ❝Stylistic analysis of a hate speech corpus

by Dr Antonio Pascucci, L'Orientale University of Naples | Mar 29th 2022

☑ ❝Multimodal analysis using TV data: new tools for the study of language and gesture

by Dr Daniel Alcaraz-Carrión, University of Wisconsin-Madison | Mar 9th 2022

☑ ❝Computer Vision Meets Portrait Research

by Prof Thomas Mandl, University of Hildesheim | Feb 16th 2022

☑ ❝Let’s Transform Law with Augmented Lawyering: Advances and Challenges in Legal Text Processing

by Dr Ilias Chalkidis, CoAStaL NLP Group, University of Copenhagen (Denmark) | Jan 26th 2022

☑ ❝Authorship Attribution of ‘Might is Right or The Survival of the Fittest’ by Ragnar Redbeard

by Becky Lenton, University of Warwick | Jul 14th 2021

☑ ❝Digitization of Heritage Collections: from inside-out to outside-in: the many facets of digital transitions

by Prof. Dr. Frederik Truyen, KU Leuven, Belgium | Jun 28th 2021

☑ ❝Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen

by Prof. Alois Pichler, Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen, Norway | Jun 17th 2021

☑ ❝Computational Analysis of 'Al-Manar' (Lighthouse)

by Prof. Umar Ryad, KU Leuven, Belgium | Jun 10th 2021

☑ ❝Computational Stylometry of Arabic Literature

by Dr Ahmed Omer, XTM International | Jun 5th 2021


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