This vibrant seminar series hosts leading scholars and CEOs of companies to report on their work and vision related to the technology for translators and interpreters covering among other topics translation and interpreting tools and resources and Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence solutions. The seminar series has both strong research and industrial foci and as such serves not only as a forum showcasing latest research, professional practices, software and business developments but also bridging the gap between academia and the industry.

Upcoming Talks

There are currently no future talks scheduled.

Past Talks

☑ ❝Translation Memory Cleaning at the intersection between industry and Academia

by Eduard Barbu, University of Tartu, Estonia | May 27th 2022

☑ ❝Corpus-based Phraseology and Phraseography: interface and contributions to Translation and Interpreting

by Dr Adriane Orenha Ottaiano, São Paulo State University | May 20th 2022

☑ ❝Ethics and translation technologies

by Prof Lynne Bowker, University of Ottawa, Canada | Apr 29th 2022

☑ ❝NLP for clinical psychology: opportunities and challenges

by Dr Kairit Sirts, University of Tartu | Apr 29th 2022

☑ ❝Incorporating discourse knowledge into the pre-trained transformer-based models for NLP tasks

by Dr Elizaveta Goncharova, National Research University, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI) | Apr 22nd 2022

☑ ❝Phraseology, constructions and translation: a corpus-based approach (Part II)

by Prof Gloria Corpas, University of Wolverhampton/University of Malaga | Apr 8th 2022

☑ ❝Phraseology, constructions and translation: a corpus-based approach (Part I)

by Prof Gloria Corpas, University of Wolverhampton/University of Malaga | Apr 1st 2022

☑ ❝Exploring cognition in computer-assisted interpreting – new insights and open questions

by Dr Bianca Prandi, University of Innsbruck | Mar 4th 2022

☑ ❝Research for interpreter-centred technology: the case of the AI-powered RSI platform SmarTerp

by Francesca Frittella, Shanghai International Studies University | Feb 25th 2022

☑ ❝Towards Online Adaptation for Automatic Post-Editing Models

by Marie Escribe, University of Wolverhampton | Jan 28th 2022

☑ ❝Investigating post-editing effort: Does directionality play a role?

by Maria Stasimioti, Ionian University | Dec 17th 2021

☑ ❝Text-to-sign translation: making information accessible

by Lyke Esselink, University of Amsterdam | Dec 12th 2021

☑ ❝Modern Enterprise Translation Management: Problems, Compliance and Resources

by Dr Todor Lazarov, New Bulgarian University | Dec 3rd 2021

☑ ❝Integration of TM and MT

by Rocío Caro, University of Wolverhampton | Nov 26th 2021

☑ ❝Machine-Aided Literary Translation: State of Affairs in the Early 2020s

by Dr Antonio Toral, University of Groningen | Nov 19th 2021

☑ ❝Translation and machines: artefacts, instruments and the evolving role of the translator

by Dr Celia Rico, Machine Translation Specialist | Nov 12th 2021

☑ ❝Human Translation Quality Estimation and Translationese

by Dr Maria Kunilovskaya, University of Wolverhampton | Nov 5th 2021

☑ ❝A technological approach to audiovisual translation: How to localize a video game

by Dr Laura Mejías Climent, Jaume I University | Oct 29th 2021

☑ ❝The backstage of a hybrid event – a complex string puppet called RSIBOX

by Aleks Sandor Milovanovic & Dora Murgu, Interprefy | Oct 15th 2021

☑ ❝Ethics and NMT

by Dr Joss Moorkens, Dublin City University | Oct 8th 2021

☑ ❝Storytelling and multimodal metaphors in technical and operative content of multilingual corporate websites

by Dr Parthena Charalampidou, University of Thessaloniki | Oct 1st 2021

☑ ❝Digital Taylorism in the Translation Industry

by Dr Joss Moorkens, Dublin City University | Jul 23rd 2021

☑ ❝RSI has taken the world by storm. So, what have we learned and where do we go from here?

by Prof Barry Olsen, The Middlebury Institute of International Studies | Jul 16th 2021

☑ ❝Studying subtitle reading using eye tracking

by Prof Jan-Louis Kruger, Macquarie University | Jun 18th 2021

☑ ❝Making sense of AI in the interpreter workstation

by Dr Claudio Fantinuoli, University of Mainz/Germersheim and KUDO Way | Jun 11th 2021

☑ ❝Do translators dream of electric brains?

by Prof Ricardo Muñoz Martín, University of Bologna | Apr 16th 2021

☑ ❝Using technology in the translation quality assessment

by Dr Konstantinos Chatzitheodorou, Strategic Agenda | Mar 19th 2021

☑ ❝Multilingual communication is evolving and how KUDO is part of the evolution

by Fardad Zabetian, Kudoway | Mar 12th 2021

☑ ❝Machine Translation for us Human Translators: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

by Yves Champollion, Wordfast | Mar 5th 2021

☑ ❝Small comparable corpora for the retrieval of culture-related elements and their impact for translation

by Prof Rozane Rebechi, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul | Feb 26th 2021

☑ ❝Introducing MT. An LSP workflow

by Elena Murgolo, Aglatech14 | Feb 19th 2021

☑ ❝How Good is our MT? A Glimpse into MT Evaluation Challenges in Commercial Settings

by Dr Anna Zaretskaya, TransPerfect | Feb 12th 2021

☑ ❝Picking up the flak: interpreting-related technologies in action

by Prof Gloria Corpas Pastor, University of Malaga/University of Wolverhampton | Feb 5th 2021

☑ ❝MT and creative texts: a study of translations, translators’ attitude and readers’ views

by Dr Vilelmini Sosoni, Ionian University | Jan 29th 2021

☑ ❝Creating terminological projects for the detection of in-domain terminology: a workflow for interpreters

by Dr Claudia Lecci, Department of Interpreting and Translation | Jan 27th 2021

☑ ❝Neural Machine Translation – an industrial perspective to a complete technological revolution and further expected research evolutions

by Dr Josep Crego, Systran | Jan 22nd 2021

☑ ❝Semantic Textual Similarity based on Deep Learning: Can it improve matching and retrieval for Translation Memory tools?

by Tharindu Ranasinghe, University of Wolverhampton | Jan 20th 2021

☑ ❝Don’t get me wrong…What’s next? Intelligent Translation Memory Systems…

by Prof Ruslan Mitkov, University of Wolverhampton | Jan 15th 2021

☑ ❝Working with Intelligent Machines

by Julie Giguère, Asian Absolute | Jan 13th 2021

☑ ❝Sunsetting CAT - Thread and Opportunity

by Jochen Hummel, Coreon | Jan 13th 2021

☑ ❝Neural Fuzzy Repair: Integrating Fuzzy Matches into Neural Machine Translation

by Dr Arda Tezcan, Ghent University | Jan 8th 2021

☑ ❝Machine Translation Literacy

by Prof Lynne Bowker, University of Ottawa, Canada | Dec 18th 2020

☑ ❝De-demonizing AI

by Andrzej Zydroń, XTM International | Dec 16th 2020

☑ ❝Scaling language technologies to overcome growing challenges and deliver new value

by Diana Ballard, STAR Group | Dec 11th 2020

☑ ❝Techniques for automatic terminology extraction: implementation into TBXTools

by Dr Antoni Oliver González, The Open University of Catalonia | Dec 9th 2020

☑ ❝Automatic Speech Transcription and Translation in the Classroom and Lecture Setting: The Technologies, How They’re Being Used, and Where We’re Going

by William Lewis, University of Washington and Microsoft Translator | Dec 4th 2020

☑ ❝Eye movements, cognitive load, and human-computer interaction with translation and interpreting technologies

by Dr Stephen Doherty, The University of New South Wales, Australia | Dec 2nd 2020

☑ ❝Quality standardisation in language industry

by Dr Juan José Arevalillo Doval, Hermes | Nov 27th 2020

☑ ❝Free translation memory tools: a comparison of some well-known systems'. Would that work, do you think

by Prof Mark Shuttleworth, Hong Kong Baptist University | Nov 25th 2020

☑ ❝Shared tasks in NLP

by Dr Frédéric Blain, University of Wolverhampton | Nov 11th 2020

☑ ❝Linguistic Resources in Practical Translation

by Dr Maria Kunilovskaya, University of Wolverhampton | Nov 4th 2020

☑ ❝An Overview of Technology for Interpreters – the what and the why?

by Dr Elizabeth Deysel | Oct 23rd 2020


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