Machine Learning/Deep Learning seminar series aims to discuss current trends and challenges in machine learning and deep learning. The seminar series welcomes talks on machine learning models and algorithms, neural network architectures, representation learning techniques with an application to text, image, and speech. The seminar series also welcomes talks on the analysis and interpretation of neural networks.

Upcoming Talks

There are currently no future talks scheduled.

Past Talks

☑ ❝Machine Translation of Indigenous Languages of the Americas: the problem of rich morphology and extremely low resources

by Manuel Mager, University of Stuttgart | May 10th 2022

☑ ❝Combining Static and Contextualised Multilingual Embeddings

by Katharina Hämmerl, LMU Munich | Apr 26th 2022

☑ ❝A Single Model for Many Languages with Adapters

by Ahmet Üstün, University of Groningen, Netherlands | Jan 25th 2022

☑ ❝Why AI is Harder Than We Think

by Prof Melanie Mitchell, Santa Fe Institute, USA | Nov 16th 2021

☑ ❝Challenging and Adapting NLP Models to Lexical Phenomena

by Dr Yuval Pinter, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Isarel | Oct 12th 2021

☑ ❝Wikipedia Entities as Rendezvous across Languages: Grounding Multilingual Language Models by Predicting Wikipedia Hyperlinks

by Dr Iacer Calixto, University of Amsterdam | Jun 15th 2021

☑ ❝Two New Insights into Beam Search

by Prof Ryan Cotterell, ETH Zurich | May 25th 2021

☑ ❝How LSTM Encodes Syntax: Exploring Context Vectors and Semi-Quantization on Natural Text

by Prof Daichi Mochihashi, Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan | May 11th 2021

☑ ❝Pathological Behaviours of Large Neural Models of Language

by Dr Siva Reddy, McGill University | Mar 2nd 2021

☑ ❝How to Represent Words?

by Dr Burcu Can, RGCL, University of Wolverhampton | Dec 4th 2020


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