The seminar series on Natural Language Processing will offer the opportunity to our students to hear from researchers and industry practitioners about the most recent developments in the field. Among the research areas relevant to NLP, the seminar series shall cover work on machine translation, text categorisation and summarisation, sentiment analysis, as well as some of its application, such as in fake news detection, healthcare, etc.

Upcoming Talks

There are currently no future talks scheduled.

Past Talks

☑ ❝Automatic Evaluation of Simplified Texts

by Dr Fernando Alva Manchego, Cardiff University | Feb 22nd 2022

☑ ❝A Medley of Event-Based Modality and Role Question Generation

by Valentina Pyatkin, Bar Ilan University (Israel) | Nov 23rd 2021

☑ ❝Improving Explanations for Model Predictions

by George Chrysostomou, University of Sheffield | Oct 25th 2021

☑ ❝Towards Document-Level Human MT Evaluation: what have we learned so far?

by Dr Sheila Castilho, ADAPT Centre | Jun 14th 2021

☑ ❝Translation & technology: tension and interaction

by Dr Félix do Carmo, University of Surrey | Jun 7th 2021

☑ ❝Gender, Bias and Language Technology

by Dr Eva Vanmassenhove, Tilburg University | May 24th 2021

☑ ❝(Simultaneous) Multimodal Machine Translation

by Dr Loïc Barrault, University of Sheffield | May 17th 2021

☑ ❝Automatic Assessment of Conceptual Text Complexity Using Knowledge Graphs

by Dr Sanja Štajner, ReadableAI | Mar 8th 2021

☑ ❝TransQuest: Translation Quality Estimation with Cross-lingual Transformers

by Tharindu Ranasinghe, University of Wolverhampton | Oct 1st 2020

☑ ❝Gender Profiling

by Dr Emad Mohamed, University of Wolverhampton | Jul 7th 2020

☑ ❝Text Simplification

by Dr Richard Evans, University of Wolverhampton | Jul 2nd 2020

☑ ❝Offensive Language Detection

by Dr Marcos Zampieri, Rochester Institute of Technology | Jun 26th 2020

☑ ❝Applying Behavioural Data to NLP Models: The Case of Eye Tracking

by Dr Victoria Yaneva, NBME, USA & University of Wolverhampton | Jun 25th 2020

☑ ❝Statistical Significance Tests for NLP Applications

by Dr Le An Ha, University of Wolverhampton | Jun 18th 2020

☑ ❝NLP for Generation of Multiple-Choice Tests

by Prof Ruslan Mitkov, University of Wolverhampton | Jun 15th 2020

☑ ❝Fake News Detection

by Hadeel Saadany, University of Wolverhampton | Jun 11th 2020

☑ ❝ Deep Learning for Language Generation

by Zeeshan Sayed, Indiana University | Jun 9th 2020

☑ ❝Attaining the Unattainable? Reassessing Claims of Human Parity in Neural Machine Translation & Classifying nouns in Portuguese into gender categories: a deep learning approach

by Dr Sheila Castilho and Dr Natalia Resende, ADAPT Centre | Nov 19th 2018


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