"Multilingual communication is evolving and how KUDO is part of the evolution"

by Fardad Zabetian, Kudoway

Update: the event has now finished (Mar 12th 2021).


During this 45min talk, Fardad will share his journey in the world of multilingual meetings in the last 20 years, how he sees the market is evolving, the new opportunities for businesses and interpreters . He will cover the new KUDO Marketplace and how this new system going to remove friction points in accessing interpreting services. He will cover the challenges in the new uses cases such as short notice for assignments and how technology and AI will assist interpreters to prepare in shorter time.

Speaker’s bio

A visionary entrepreneur, Fardad has founded and placed two companies among the fastest growing business in America. He has also expanded to key markets over Europe and Asia. Fardad is no stranger to big challenges. In 2012, he was part of the design and roll-out a complete makeover of the United Nation’s meeting facilities, including the general assembly hall in New York. He has also played a key supporting role as a high-end equipment provider to various iterations of the IMF/ World Bank Annual Meetings and several European Institutions. In 2016, Fardad co-founded AVAtronics, a Swiss technology company focusing on active noise canceling technology. In 2017, Fardad founded KUDO, where he now takes the meeting experience beyond the room to connect businesses and people in true border-less fashion, without language or geographic constraints.


University of Wolverhampton
Wulfruna Street
Wolverhampton, WV1 1LY
United Kingdom